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Good persuasive essay topics should be like as they sound. Persuasive. You need to come out in a way that your reader will want to stop what they are doing and feel convinced to read your essay. The end result should be satisfaction and not more questions.

What to consider in order to come up with interesting persuasive essay topics

When writing an essay, you need to have your audience in mind. You are not writing the essay for yourself. Instead, you are instilling more knowledge and interest by coming up with a convincing power on why the reader should agree with you on what you are writing about. Whether they are college persuasive essay topics or easy persuasive essay topics, the depth of the convincing power should be there. Without this, your reader may lose interest from the very start. Samples of the best persuasive essay topics middle school include;

Kids should get paid for good grades

Payment does not necessarily need to be monetary. Payments can be any other form of appreciation. It can be reading out their assignments in class so that others know what to gain from them or presenting them with gifts that they can remember. This not only helps to make them feel proud, it also keeps them motivated to keep the good grades going.

Short hair is better than long hair

When it comes to maintenance, you will agree with me that it is easier to maintain short hair than it is with long hair. Also, long hair with all the neatness that is needed is more expensive giving a trophy to short hair.

How to formulate funny persuasive essay topics

There are readers of your essay who will be convinced by humor. It is not the essay that they agree with, you need to make them understand that the reason you are supporting a particular fact is valid and instilling some humor may be very necessary. If you are in high school, you probably will not need to dig in so much into research for a persuasive essay topics for high school. What you need not to lose is the power to convince. Samples of the best funny persuasive essay topics include;

How can you catch a cold?

If you really want to catch a cold, you can try the easiest methods which are denied. Take ice-cream when the weather completely denies you to do it and go swimming after that treat. Life is too short to deny yourself simple luxuries so make yourself happy from these simple pleasures.

If you are unable to formulate persuasive essay topics for college, you do not need to worry. There are places that they can be found. You can use past written persuasive essays to get an idea on how to formulate a topic or better still, get help from a custom writing service.